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Re: Infrastructure for meta-distribution projects

On 5 Jun 2003, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:

[Sorry for cross posting but we have no common list to discuss those
 topics.  Perhaps somebody likes to reopen
 to avoid this crossposting mess.]

> I will consider writing a patch to med-common-devel that will generate
> metapackages and tags from a common source.
Great.  When you are doing this please try to sort out all non-Med
specific stuff and prepare a internal-common package (or find a better
name here!) which all internal projects could use.

> In the long run though, I
> think tags are more flexible (I only want to install packages that
> satisfy "legal-system::common-law" and "legal-subjects::taxation-law"),
> so the metapackages method of installation would be deprecated.  Anyway,
> that's the way I think I want to go with Lex.
While I regard the tags approach as very interesting I see no real
reason to stop using meta packages.  Perhaps I should investigate
more deeply here.  Please keep in mind that meta packages do not only
contain dependencies.  I attached extra menu entries there and I plan
to think about a way to do configuration changes inside a meta package.
So deprecating meta packages seems not to be a good idea.

Kind regards


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