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Re: Acceptability of a documentation license for Debian

On 2021-08-29 11:03 PM, Walter Landry wrote:
The license looks to me like it is saying that anyone distributing the
work does not have to pay a fee to the original author.  It does not
prohibit the distributor from imposing fees on end recipients.
Otherwise, the blurb about 'commercial applications' would be

Thanks for the correction. If that's the case then I change my objection to:
- not defining terms clearly,
- wondering how onerous it is to comply with condition #2

Condition #2 requires verbatim reproduction of "above text, copyright notice, any other notices of legal privilege, this list of conditions, and the following disclaimer prominently in the documentation and/or other human-readable materials provided with the distribution", particularly when documentation is embedded in software.

Does condition #2 rise to the level of problem akin to what is described in https://www.gnu.org/licenses/bsd.html ? That could pose a problem for practical use -- not enough to make the license non-free (thus directly contradicting what I wrote earlier) but enough to make this license a nuisance and worth avoiding.

What does anyone believe that they'd gain from using this license instead of some other license that is much more well-understood and clearly free?

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