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Re: Acceptability of a documentation license for Debian

Jeffrey H. Johnson wrote:
I'm contacting the list to inquire regarding the acceptability
of the following proposed documentation license, as I'd like to
ensure that it will become be an impediment to having
documentation licensed under it added to Debian in the future.

The DPS8M license version 0.9 is non-free.

Redistribution and use in ‘source’ [...] and ‘compiled’ forms [...] in whole or in
part, for any purpose, including commercial applications, with or without
modification, in any medium, is hereby permitted, without fee or royalty, provided
that the following conditions are met:

Prohibiting distribution for a fee is non-free is a clear violation of DFSG 1 (per https://www.debian.org/social_contract#guidelines). Also, prohibiting distribution for a fee while allowing redistribution in "commercial applications" is confusing.

I suggest considering another license that is clearly free for your documentation.

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