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Re: Copyright of debian/*

On Saturday, January 2, 2021 10:30:56 AM EST Matthew Vernon wrote:
> I have noticed some packages using the newer machine-readable copyright 
> format, but not specifying any copyright for debian/*
That's not good practice. You should ask the package maintainer to include 
such information in debian/copyright. They would know the history best. Be 
sure to check for a wildcard though, like
Files: *
as that could apply to debian/.

> What does that mean about the copyright status of debian/* ? If I want
> to re-use a file therein in another package, can I do so?
If the copyright file doesn't specify the license, and there are no comments in 
the files specifying the license, then the maintainer of that package really 
should fix that. That leaves the license ambiguous and you may not make any 
assumptions about your use of the file.

I am not a lawyer, or a DD/DM, so more knowledgeable individuals may chime in.

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