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Re: tomboy-ng package with non standard license.

On 2/11/20 11:19 am, Paul Wise wrote:
> The KControls README and issues shows there are several users, but of
> course it is unlikely they would want their software in Debian.

I get the impression that most KControls users are Windows Delphi users,
not likely to seek out Debian.  And as note previously, the KControls
license was unacceptable to Debian.  I have been maintaining the KMemo
page page on freepascal wiki,  neither than nor the KControls page has
seen many other contributors. Sad.

> Since the hunspell library headers can change over time, adding support
> for new functions, constants etc, that sounds like something that
> should be generated at build time rather than copied into the source,

Hunspell have a pretty honest backwards compatible policy, a good thing
because Macs seem to arrive, "out of the box" with a very old version.
So, its not in my interest to follow the newest version.  Thats one of
the things you need to observe when building cross platform. Can be very

> can Lazarus convert the installed headers into .pas at build time? Or

No, its an iterative process, you do a run, manually edit the .h files
(actually a copy of them) and try again, I have done it with other
libraries, not hard by tedious. And in this case, no benefit.

> easily support other spelling libraries like nuspell too.

Spelling is optional (to configure), relatively difficult for Windows
users, Mac users can be divided in those who consider it trivial and
those who would not even consider it.  Most Linux systems have hunspell
'out of the box' so, for now, I am happy to leave it there. But things
can change.


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