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Re: Maxmind GeoIP/Geolite license change


> On 17 Jun 2020, at 04:34, J.B. Nicholson <jbn@forestfield.org> wrote:
> Michael Tremer wrote:
>> This project however was a lot more work than we anticipated and there are some
>> more challenges to come. We generate no income from working on this at all, but of
>> course need to fill our own fridges with food every once in a while. I am not
>> telling you anything new here and I do not want to moan. But in the past, we have
>> fought legal battles (and were involuntarily dragged into them) where people took
>> IPFire, rebranded it slightly and sold it as their own. That fight consumed a lot
>> of resources on our side without any gain for the project. It brings down morale
>> and brings many other problems with it, too.
>> So the intention is to do better here.
> Do you have the means and motivation to pay court costs and lawyer fees to sue a copyright infringer?

That depends on the case. I cannot say much about this one because it is still ongoing.

But if I would generally say, that I would never try to enforce my license, what is the point of picking on in the first place? If licenses are not enforced, they are worthless.


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