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Re: Copyright concerns regarding Seafile

Jan-Henrik Haukeland writes ("Copyright concerns regarding Seafile"):
> Libzdb is licensed under GPLv3. Copying and modifying GPL code is
> perfectly fine as long as the original copyright notice and license
> are kept. Unfortunately, this is not what the Seafile team
> did. Instead they copied code from libzdb, removed the copyright
> notice, claimed the code as their own and re-license it under
> another license.

That is very clearly Not OK.

However, I am puzzled by something.  AFAICT from github seafile-server
claims to be AGPL3-only.  You are talking about a licence conflict
with libzdb which is GPL3+.

But GPL3+ and AGPL3 are compatible.  So why did the seafile developers
feel the need to engage in this subterfuge ?


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