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Re: Custom license conditions and grant for Wordplay package

On 5/2/19 7:51 AM, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Moshe Piekarski writes ("Re: Custom license conditions and grant for Wordplay package"):
>> The copyright holder made a statement on Facebook chat that he considers
>> the code to be in the public domain. Is that enough for me to consider
>> it such?
> While legally in some jurisdictions there is no such thing as public
> domain, I think the intent of the copyright holder - to grant very
> broad permissions, certainly broad enough for Debian - is clear.
> There is a difficulty with how we would provide evidence of this
> statement if it came to that.  Can you put a transcript and/or
> (hopefully fairly small) screenshot into the source package ?

My intent was to create a gpl-3 fork of the code

> I don't use Facebook, so I will ask: How do you know that the Facebook
> user in question is the same person as the copyright holder ?

I'm not a facebook user either, I went by the name, the fact that

the pictures posted appeared to be of the same person as on his

site and the fact that he appeared to know what I was talking about.

> Ian.

Moshe Piekarski


There's no such thing as a stupid question,

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