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Re: Bug#874295: Not a bug

Thomas Pierson <contact@thomaspierson.fr> writes:

> Clementine does not require or depend on a external software to run
> properly. So for me the policy 2.2.1 is respected.

I agree that, as described, Clementine's normal function as a
general-purpose music player is available without any non-free music
services. So this does not infringe Policy §2.2.1.

> It's only if a user want to connect to a particular external service
> that a plugin file is downloaded and used.

That is still a problem, IMO. It would be best if the program did not do
that, and instead prompted the user to install the non-free package
providing that plug-in.

> But it's the same case for many software like web browser which
> download and run proprietary javascripts without any warning.

(Yes, I think a web browser should not download and execute arbitrary
JavaScript either. That one problem remains unaddressed is not a
justification for the same problem elsewhere.)

> So unless someone point me a clear justification I will close this bug
> as invalid for now.

I agree that, despite the problems remarked on of downloading and
executing unpackaged code to execute on the user's computer, this is not
a dependency for the program performing its normal function. So this
does not appear to be a Policy §2.2.1 violation.

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