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Re: clementine: installs non-free plugin at runtime

Anthony DeRobertis writes ("Re: clementine: installs non-free plugin at runtime"):
> I think it'd be reasonable to make the confirmation dialog explicitly
> say that the plugin is not free software. But other than that, which
> does not warrant severity: serious, I think this bug should be closed as
> not a bug.

With Debian's current stance on recommending non-free software (ie, we
are, contrary to our principles, happy to do it even if the user has
decided they do not want non-free), I agree with you.

Personally I think it should be a bug if any package in main offers to
download and run non-free software, other than in some kind of
restricted environment[1], if the user does not have the Debian
non-free area enabled.

[1] The distinction I am making is between what might normally be
thought of as programs, and situations where a turing-complete
protocol is used to deliver and display something that the user
inevitably knows is controlled by someone else and which they have
explicitly asked for.  For example, the JS in web pages; documents
provided as PostScript files, or whatever.

This rule would distinguish the binary blob Spotify client (forbidden)
from the proprietary music files it downloads (permitted, if there
were a Free client that could do the download).


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