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Re: System libraries and the GPLv2

* Adam Borowski:

> The approach of commercial companies to both code and law is "it compiles? 
> Ship it!".  They have sizeable legal departments, so the question they ask
> themselves is not "is this legal?" but "are costs of possible litigation
> smaller or greater than the cost of doing it correctly?".  On the other
> hand, individuals who'd be sued in Debian's case (the SPI has no deep
> pockets thus is an unlikely target) have no legal clout so being fully in
> the clean is our only defense.

But we make similar risk assessments all the time.  Some of us even
strongly defend the right to anonymous contributions, that is, they
argue against keeping exact copyright records, which could otherwise
be used to identify the party who added code for which they did not
have permission (so that Debian or a liable Debian contributor could
recover their costs from them).

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