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unknown license for package/debian/* in d/copyright in adopted package

Dear Debian Legal Team,

I'm adopting src:muse-el, and the old d/copyright file does not state
which license the old debian/* uses.  I used "comm" to see what
remained after transitioning the package to use dh-elpa, current
debhelper and compat, et al, and only the contributions of Michael
Olson and myself remain in debian/*.  Sean Whitton is working with me
to make sure the updated package is very high quality.  He made me
aware of the issue updating to copyright-format 1.0 when the original
debian/* license was undefined.

src:muse-el is GPL-3+, with some MIT contributions.  debian/* must
have been DFSG-free, and were probably GPL-2, GPL-2+, or possibly MIT.
I was recently able to contact Michael Olson.  Would a signed email
from Michael Olson certifying that his contributions to debian/* were
of either GPL-2, GPL-2+, or MIT be sufficient to allow an update to
src:muse-el/debian/copyright?  If so, to whom should I ask him to send
that email?

The bug associated with this ITA is #844184.  By now it's kind of a
long read ;-)


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