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Fixing dvi2dvi

Hi there,

I'd like to fix dvi2dvi which (besides a no-brainer) has a problem

|  #841056 dvi2dvi: license requires package rename

>3. The package name of the modified software must not be ``dvi2dvi'' or 
>``dvi2dvi-<XX>'' where <XX> is the version number.

Now I could take some advice what in Debian would be considered
compliant to that clause.

Was it sufficient to rename the binary package only, or should the
source package be renamed as well?

Also, it would help the users if a transitional package "dvi2dvi" was
shipped as well. Technically this should be acceptable since the
transitional package was not provided by upstream, so the clause does
not apply. But I'd like to hear a second opinion on that.


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