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Non-DFSG doc package "distributed in conjunction with"?


(note: I am not subscribed to debian-legal, so please CC me on replies)

I have a pretty much ready package of some non-DFSG documentation that
has been stripped off from the "real" package source for years:

  dget -x http://devel.ringlet.net/misc/mdk/debian/mdk-doc-non-dfsg_1.2.9-1.dsc

(I have purposefully not placed any of these files on any part of the
 Debian infrastructure and I have not even yet created the collab-maint
 repository referenced in the debian/control file; this can all wait
 until we figure out whether we really have the right to do that)

For reference, the actual source code of the MIX Development Kit,
including all of the non-DFSG documentation, may be obtained at
http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/mdk/v1.2.9/mdk-1.2.9.tar.gz and it ought to be
byte-for-byte identical to the source package's .orig.tar.gz file.

Now, most of the source package is C source for an emulator of a
somewhat famous fictional computer; most of the non-DFSG-free contents
is Texinfo documentation under a GFDL-1.2+ license with invariant
sections, a front cover, and a back cover.  This is all pretty much
standard stuff; the problem lies elsewhere.

There are three files that I'm not completely sure about - the doc/MIX.DOC
text file and two examples.  It is a copy of part of the first chapter of
Prof. Donald Knuth's "The Art of Computer Programming", volume 1, so the
copyright holder for the text is actually the Addison-Wesley publishing
house (or is it Prof. Knuth himself?  MIX.DOC does explicitly point at
Addison-Wesley though).  Interestingly, there is also a doc/COPYING.MIX.DOC
file with the following contents (between the "============" lines):


The file MIX.DOC, as well as the samples in elevator.mixal and mistery.mixal
are a contribution from Eric S. Raymond's MIXAL.  They contain the actual
text of TAOCP vol 1 describing MIXAL and two verbatim programs from the book.
Donald Knuth and Addison Wesley granted Eric permission for distributing the
under the following terms, which we inherit:

The source code in prime.mix, mystery.mix, and elevator.mix and the
text in MIX.DOC are excerpted from "The Art Of Computer Programming".
Addison-Wesley and Donald Knuth have specifically granted permission
for this material and all other MIX code examples from that book to be
distributed in conjunction with any open-source implementation of MIX
under the license(s) applying to that implementation.


So does the Debian Project also have the right to redistribute this
file, or should I, uhm, strip it from the mdk-doc-non-dfsg source
package, thus repackaging even the non-DFSG source? :)

My opinion is that it is arguably fine for us to redistribute this file:
- in the source package it is undoubtedly "in conjunction with" the MIX
  Development Kit source
- the mdk-doc non-free binary package Suggests and Enhances the mdk
  package, which IMHO may be considered distributing "in conjunction
  with" it; in addition, once it hits the archive, I'll upload a new
  version of the mdk package itself that will Suggest mdk-doc, thus
  strengthening the relationship even more.  Of course, I know that
  Suggests is kind of weak (not installed by default), but still I think
  we'll be fine.

Hmm, actually it just hit me that even though mdk may not do anything
stronger than Suggest mdk-doc (no Depends or Recommends from main to
non-free), the same is not necessarily true in the other direction;
is it possible that the solution is as simple as making mdk-doc Depend
on mdk?

Thanks for reading this far, and I'd be very grateful for any


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