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Re: Status of US Government Works in foreign countries

Rytis <rbagd@openmailbox.org> writes:

> US Goverment public domain issue has been discussed a few times in this
> mailing list [1]. According to the interpretation by [2], this would
> fall into public domain abroad as well and second part of the above
> licence snippet may be unenforceable.

Unfortunately, this interpretation is wrong. I wrote about this some
time ago when there was yet another discusion on debian-legal:

> I wonder therefore whether it is legally sound to state licence as
> 'public-domain' for the package and include the licence and disclaimer
> text from the website. Would the package under this license qualify as
> free, non-free or should be outside Debian?

In my opinion, such software should not be distributed by Debian
because it puts mirror operators located outside of the US at risk.


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