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Re: Consensus about the Academic Free License ("AFL") v3.0

On 13/06/15 15:45, Francesco Poli wrote:
> As also noted by Walter Landry, there's a crucial difference w.r.t.
> Apache v2: the latter license requires to preserve attribution notices
> within "NOTICE" files; the AFL v3.0 requires instead to preserve *any*
> descriptive text identified as an "Attribution Notice" (even when this
> text includes something other than attribution notices!).
> I think this is non-free, unless all descriptive texts identified as
> "Attribution Notices" only contain attribution notices.

The ftpmasters do not decide whether Debian will accept particular
licenses; they decide whether Debian will accept particular software.
One possible outcome for this part would be the ftpmasters deciding that
AFL-3.0 software is only Free if it does not have any Attribution
Notices that are not, in fact, attribution notices.


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