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Re: Is libav's current packaging scheme OK for Debian?

On 07/06/15 14:19, Bálint Réczey wrote:
> The question now is how we should interpret DFSG with regard to Live
> DVD-s. Should we stop packaging Libav (and later FFmpeg) in the
> current scheme because it allows preinstalling hedgewars (GPLv2 only)
> with libavcodec-extra-56 making the DVD violating the license of the
> packages or let this be a concern for Live DVD creators?

The thing that is not allowed is either distributing a derivative work
of hedgewars source code with additional restrictions beyond those of
the GPL-2, or distributing a derivative work of libav source code with
additional restrictions beyond those of either GPL-2 or GPL-3.

The hedgewars binary is clearly a derivative work of hedgewars source
and, if you believe the FSF's assertions about dynamic linking, libav
source (via the libavcodec56 GPL-2+ binaries, to which it links).

I find it hard to justify how the hedgewars binary could possibly be a
derivative work of libavcodec-extra-56, given that libavcodec-extra-56
was not involved anywhere in the preparation of the hedgewars binary,
which (presumably) only uses published interfaces from libavcodec56.
Those interfaces happen to be compatible with those found in

If the in-memory image formed while executing the hedgewars binary
counts as a derivative work, then I suppose *that* is derived from both
hedgewars source code and libavcodec-extra-56; but we aren't
distributing that. (Don't distribute core dumps from such a situation, I


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