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Re: GPL "+" question

Maximilian <maximilian@actoflaw.co.uk> writes:
> and this seems to imply that the end user can choose which licence
> suits them.

Not only the end user -- also (in our case) the upstream author. So, he
can choose to redistribute the files under GPL-3+. Being them modified
or not.

> However, if Emmanuel Bertin's code is specifically licensed as GPLv3
> only then it needs to be made clear that this is the case where
> applicable - the fact that this code is GPLv3 only ought not affect
> the fact that the other original files may be GPLv2+.

True. However, the original files are not in the upstream tarball and
therefore do not need to be documented in debian/copyright.

This is even the case if original and redistributed filed differ only by
their license.

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