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Re: GPL "+" question

> > > If I say a file is GPLv2+, it is forever GPLv2+, even if it's combined
> > > with a GPLv3 work, in that case the *files* are still GPLv2+, that other
> > > file is a GPLv3 work, and the *combined work* is distributed under the
> > > terms of the GPLv3, since it satisfies the license of every file in the
> > > combined / derived work.

> > But there are multiple works being combined into the one file. So some
> > parts of the file are GPLv2+ and other parts of the file are GPLv3. The
> > file as a whole can only be distributed under GPLv3.

> That's literally what I said.

You gave the impression that each *file* could only be under one
license, which would be good for the purposes of d/copyright, but isn't
the case.

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