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Re: License for Debian Maintainer Scripts

Ben Finney writes ("Re: License for Debian Maintainer Scripts"):
> For free software, this forum normally recommends that the Debian
> packaging copyright holders should choose to grant the same license to
> the Debian packaging files as the general license for the upstream work.

I disagree both with this recommendation, and with the assertion that
we normally recommend using the same licence for Debian packaging as
upstream use for the program.

Last time this particular question came up I wrote[1]:

  I think that best practice is to choose a very permissive licence for
  the Debian packaging files, where they are separate from the program

  That means that any useful parts can be reused in different packages
  with different licences, and also that there is no problem if upstream

Charles Plessey agreed with me on this point and no-one disagreed.

So I would recommend that Debian packaging (debian/rules, debhelper
setup, etc.) should be licenced by the Debian packager under MIT (or
perhaps 2-clause BSD or similar).



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