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Re: License of binary packages

Ole Streicher <olebole@debian.org> writes:

> How is the license of a binary Debian package determined?
> The file debian/copyright only contains the license of the sources;

Not true. The ‘debian/copyright’ file is installed by each binary
package ‘foopackage’ as the ‘/usr/share/doc/foopackage/copyright’ file,
and constitutes the copyright information for that binary package.

> however the binary license may differ -- f.e. when a BSD source is
> linked to a GPL library. Also there is usually more than one license
> used in the sources.

Right, so the source package should have a ‘debian/copyright’ which
specifies copyright information for all binary packages generated from
that source.

> Since Debian is a binary distribution

Debian consists of both source and binary packages equally, so I don't
know what you are characterising there.

> I am wondering if there is any canonical way to get the license of a
> (binary) package?

The binary package ‘foopackage’, once installed, has its copyright
information at ‘/usr/share/doc/foopackage/copyright’.

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