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confirm apache 1 and gpl-1+ situation

Hi Debian Legal readers
[Please keep the bug in CC to document the discussion there.]

I am investigating the situation of xmlrpc-c because of RC bug 760377
[1]. The point is that a statement about a GPL-1+ file [2] was missing
in the d/copyright file. While checking the package for other missing
statements, I found one (unused) file covered by the Apache 1.0 license [3].

Can you please confirm that it is OK to ship both files in one source
package, although, AFAICT the licenses are incompatible so the files can
not be used simultaneous? Or would this Apache 1.0 file need to be
stripped from the source? Am I missing options?


[1] https://bugs.debian.org/760377 missing license in debian/copyright

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