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Re: Scope of Creative Commons ShareAlike licensing for game assets

>> It would likely cost a few thousands of dollars to purchase a
>> better license for the music, so that's the reason for the
>> license.
> I sincerely doubt that a game must necessarily be considered an
> adaption of its background music – since usually, game and music
> are very loosely coupled and one can turn off or replace the music
> without any breackage.

I think that the music and the code are separate works, and thus the
copyleft from the music shouldn't affect the code.

However, to be safe, you might want to ask upstream to dual license
*their* code under GPL and CC BY-NC-SA. This way, they are still
complying with the copyleft of the music, but they are just granting
additional permissions/restrictions on *their* work. If they want to
make this difference clear, they can offer two downloads - a GPL
tarball without music, and a CC BY-NC-SA tarball with music.

If they release their contributions under a BSD/MIT-like license, then
it becomes simpler - the work as a whole could be released under CC
BY-NC-SA, but the individual game files would be released more
permissively. Because remember, CC BY-NC-SA does *not* require
derivative works to give source code upon request, only that any
derivative works - including binaries - are released under the same

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