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Re: Debian and the Vinay Sajip License

Dear Riley,

Thanks for agreeing to relicense! The software of yours which we are
currently using are:
-Python standard library logging module
-The python module called 'logging' which was designed for python
versions earlier than 2.3
-Any contributions to python-pecan:

Just some points about the above software:

1. I don't believe dictconfig is shipped separately - it's part of logutils. 2. Since 0.3.3, logutils uses what I believe is a standard 3-clause BSD - see the LICENSE.txt [1]. 3. The Python standard library logging module is covered by the Python license, so I don't believe it needs relicensing. 4. The original logging module (pre inclusion in Python 2.3) is unlikely ever to see another release, since AFAIK later versions of Python now ship on Debian and its derivatives. 5. I don't know of any contributions by me to python-pecan (I hadn't come across the project before) but I see that it uses logutils, and so should be covered by point 2.

I reaffirm my willingness to relicense when I rerelease, but it doesn't look as if it's really needed in any of the cases you mentioned. I couldn't find any packages in the Debian package tree which matched dictconfig or the pre-2.3 logging module - I only found a match for logutils.


Vinay Sajip

[1] https://bitbucket.org/vinay.sajip/logutils/src/e338cb3f9a375e5aa5b4d17de4e3954edc9f4149/LICENSE.txt?at=0.3.3

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