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Re: Debian and the Vinay Sajip License

>> I'm from Debian GNU/Linux. On our legal mailing list, we've been having
>> concerns about the license that you put most of your software under.
>> Essentially, we think that when you say
>> the name of Vinay Sajip
>> not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution
>> of the software without specific, written prior permission.
>> it may prohibit people who are also named Vinay Sajip from releasing
>> changes under their own name. We're pretty sure that this wasn't
>> intended, but to allay our fears, would you mind relicensing your
>> content under another license that we know to be free? From the way your
>> license is written, I think that the 3-clause BSD license would be what
>> you want.
> I'm pretty sure I'm the only Vinay Sajip on the planet right now, but I
> suppose that could change in the future :-) I have no problems with
> relicensing (as there was never any intent to restrict anyone else with
> my name), but can you tell me which specific items of my software you
> are referring to? Then I can update the licensing just for those items,
> prior to their next release.

Thanks for agreeing to relicense! The software of yours which we are
currently using are:
-Python standard library logging module
-The python module called 'logging' which was designed for python
versions earlier than 2.3
-Any contributions to python-pecan:

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