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Re: PHP licence SFLC questions draft v4

Cyril Brulebois writes ("Re: PHP licence SFLC questions draft v4"):
> Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> (2014-08-21):
> > We are concerned here with the PHP 3.01 Licences, which can be
> > found here: http://php.net/license/3_01.txt
> I might have missed them, but I don't think there were any replies to
> Charles' question in <20140801231037.GA8177@falafel.plessy.net>.
> Who are “some members” and “we”?

`Some members' are people who have criticised the PHP licence or the
way it is used.  That includes, variously, ftpmaster (who have
criticised the PHP licence situation via the Reject-FAQ and followed
through on that criticism in their decisionmaking) and it also
includes people posting here.

`We' refers to the project collectively.

Where the document speaks of `us' having a certain view, it is to be
taken as referring to the views of the Debian project as promulgated
or implemented by those who in Debian have responsibility for those


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