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Re: Winetricks may be inciting copyright infringement

On 08/12/2014 07:49 AM, Hendrik Weimer wrote:
Ricardo Mones <mones@debian.org> writes:

On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 02:07:17PM +0200, Hendrik Weimer wrote:
Mateusz Jończyk <mat.jonczyk@o2.pl> writes:

Unfortunately, many libraries that it distributes are illegal to install on
Linux or it is legal to install them under limited circumstances (such as
having a Windows license).
So what? winetricks is not part of main, so it is the responsibility of
the user to ensure compliance with the license.
AFAIK, that's always the case, even if they were in main.
Packages in main are expected to conform to the DFSG, which require
that there are no limitations on the use of the software.


As a counterexample, it is perfectly possible to create illegal (e.g. trademark infringing) images via any image editor, such as GIMP. The user ultimately takes responsibility for their own actions, and Debian cannot reasonably be expected to limit the users actions to only those which are legal in his/her jurisdiction. *That* would be non-free, if it were even possible.

That said, it would be really nice to have a convenient way for the user to review and vet the dependencies of each program they install via winetricks with respect to license dependencies. However, that would be a feature request. If you are interested, direct such comments upstream.


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