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Re: [PECL-DEV] Re: Re: [PHP-QA] Debian and the PHP license

On 30 July 2014 22:00:17 CEST, Stas Malyshev <smalyshev@sugarcrm.com> wrote:
> If Debian OTOH decides to make their own
>fork of PHP, they can distribute it still, but not under the name of
>"PHP". I don't think Debian even claimed that the thing they distribute
>under the name of PHP is anything but the original product, so I don't
>see a problem here. I'm not sure why there's an effort to seek
>contorted interpretation of the rules that would appear to disallow
>Debian to do something that Debian is already doing, has been doing for
>years, and nobody ever objected to Debian doing and nobody ever intends
>to object. To me this effort does not seem to be constructive, and not
>leading to any improvement of anything, but only to more inconvenience
>and annoyance to everybody involved.

I think everyone does claim that. You do know Debian doesn't just distribute the binaries from Php.net, right? No contortion: the php5 in Debian is a derived work. Here's a list of patches http://sources.debian.net/src/php5/5.6.0%7Erc2%2Bdfsg-5/debian/patches

I agree that renaming would not be constructive. Why can't people call this PHP, please, PHP project? Would you change the licence to something more usual, like MIT/X style?
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