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libbitcoin license - AGPL with clauses added by SFLC and FSF


I've made a Bitcoin library, and am seeking inclusion into Debian. We (me and the mentor) are seeking guidance going forwards over a license issue.

The basic issue is that this project uses an AGPL license with several additions, which we were given to me by the SFLC and vetted by the FSF. They fix an issue with the AGPL which is unique to Bitcoin (ability to distribute the source code when using a service), add a lesser clause and an OpenSSL exception (although we are currently transitioning away from OpenSSL).

The full text is here:

Emails from SFLC and FSF:

Explanation of why this is necessary:

Debian developer's (Jonas is in CC) grievances here:

Anyway if the issue is intractable, we can migrate to vanilla LGPL for inclusion into Debian. But I'm seeking here guidance on the best path for everyone in terms of software quality and our users.

Here is the relevant ITP Debian bug report with discussion:


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