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MIT license confusion


probably old stuff, but when it comes to licensing terms I prefer to
play safe ...

In a source package I found a license but as often the name of the
license is missing. The licensecheck didn't help either but a search
in the net suggests it's an MIT license since the text is the one that
can be found here:

However, the MIT license text as in
    libsoftware-license-perl: /usr/share/perl5/Software/License/MIT.pm
is quite different. On the other hand, the first license looks a lot
like the ISC license with additional clauses like "not be used in
advertising", and the 'provided "as is"' half-sentence missing.

Now I do know there are a lot of MIT variants around and they've
also evolved over time. Mostly out of interest, can you shed some
light on this or provide some information, pointers are sufficient?

Also, could you suggest a DEP-5 shortname? Of course any string will
do (unless it's a reserved name) but I'd prefer something that helps
to identify the actual license.


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