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Re: Perforce distribution license

Vincent Bernat <bernat@debian.org> wrote:
>  ❦  9 mai 2014 11:26 -0700, Walter Landry <wlandry@caltech.edu> :
>> I do not see any permission to redistribute.  Many organizations want
>> to be the sole source of their software, so redistribution is not
>> something you should assume.  So this license will not work.  You
>> could ask Perforce to give Debian permission to distribute.
> Or anyone since redistribution must be allowed for anyone to be in
> non-free.

I do not think that is required for non-free.  I think that there are
other packages in non-free which only have permission for Debian and
it's mirrors to distribute.  That is why it is called non-free ;)

Walter Landry

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