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Re: Berkeley DB 6.0 license change to AGPLv3

On 03/07/13 16:34, Bradley M. Kuhn wrote: [...]
> I know that some have complained that compliance with AGPLv3 may require
> more work by Debian redistributors.  That is a reasonable concern, but I
> think the issue can be mitigated. [...seems to continue to other topics...]

OK, how?

My preferred method at the moment is to grant or request from copyright
holders the following additional permissions:

    * Developers need publish their modifications only (not the whole
application source code with all unusual libraries), as long as it
provides a URL or link back to complete upstream source code repository/ies.

    * The running application need not check if the source code is
currently on-line (so long as it is usually and can be requested).

But I doubt Oracle will grant additional permissions, so how can the
issue be mitigated?

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