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Is it ok to contribute Google-Translator Kit generated translations to Debian ?

I'm Pierre, one of the Ubuntu French translations coordinators.

We're trying to contribute back translations of the DDTP (package descriptions) made by the ubuntu French Translator using a process to translate the DDTP on a large scale (using Google machine suggestions that are then edited and validated manually by our reviewers). 

We'd like to contribute back to Debian as suggestions but it raises legal questions.

I missed that point from the original mail, but it is likely that we
have to think twice before integrating translations originating from a
non-free resource.
Thanks to David who raised that point on IRC.

There's an unfinished thread from last year about this on debian-legal :
I'm not a lawyer by any means, but I'd like to point out that in our specific case, if we had to translate those strings without any machine intervention, given the technical nature of the strings and their size, and given that we've made corrections whenever the machine was wrong, we wouldn't (and couldn't) translate it much differently.

What I'd need is an answer on whether we can go ahead or not.

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