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Re: license advice

On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 9:46 PM, Andrew Shadura wrote:

> There's a project which isn't free software nor is it open-source (as
> they haven't found a monetisation model which would allow them to open
> the sources), but they'd like be able to have it in non-free section.
> They've asked me to give them ideas on what to change in their current
> EULA to make that possible.

Their primary distribution channels are the usual suspects in mobile
(iOS, Android, Amazon, Samsung stores). I would suggest that most
users of these services are not going to have the skill-set required
to compile their apps from source. So their income streams from these
channels are pretty safe and there is no reason not to release the
source under a free software license. The only problem with that model
is accepting contributions from the community could be problematic if
choosing the GPL/LGPL. Other licenses would work though. I would
strongly encourage them to reevaluate the market for their software,
especially the piracy side of things.

> So I'd like to ask someone to review the license (I've attached the
> file they gave me) and give me advices on what it'd be good to change.
> Please comments on everything — not sure every change will be accepted
> by them, but more problematic things we'll have here discussed, more
> possibilities to change them.

The only requirements for non-free are that Debian, our mirrors and CD
distributors can distribute the software. Since it is pretty easy to
become a Debian mirror or CD distributor and anyone can do it, that
means there needs to be a public gratis distribution license, which
sounds like it goes against their business models too?

>From the EULA it sounds like there is some sort of DRM, is that the case?



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