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Re: Which license should mercurial_keyring choose?

Christoph Mathys <eraserix@gmail.com>
> Upstream has kind of dual licensed the package under GPL and BSD license 
> (PKG-INFO says BSD, the implementation file mercurial_keyring.py says GPL).
> I contacted upstream and he is willing to change the license to whatever 
> is required, but preferable to one of the two that have already been 
> used. The idea is to avoid having to ask permission from all contributors.
> What license should I recommend to the author of the package?

If the implementation file mercurial_keyring.py says GPL for a reason
(like contributions from someone else under GPL), then GPL would be

Otherwise, if he's no problem with BSD not being share-alike, then
go for BSD (or actually BSD-like as you have to put your own name
in, because BSD is not a General licence).

Thanks for working to clarify that!
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