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Which license should mercurial_keyring choose?

I try to get mercurial_keyring[0] into debian. I was asked to clarify the license of the package.

Upstream has kind of dual licensed the package under GPL and BSD license (PKG-INFO says BSD, the implementation file mercurial_keyring.py says GPL).

I contacted upstream and he is willing to change the license to whatever is required, but preferable to one of the two that have already been used. The idea is to avoid having to ask permission from all contributors.

I put together a list of packages that are closely related to mercurial keyring (which is implemented in python btw):

- Mercurial: GPLv2+, used by means of import
- python 2.4-2.7: PSF
- tortoisehg: GPLv2. tortoisehg redistributes mercurial_keyring in some builds (e.g. Windows).
- python keyring: Package is under PSF, used by means of import.

What license should I recommend to the author of the package?


[0] http://pypi.python.org/pypi/mercurial_keyring

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