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Re: No source code for wesnoth-music


 first of all, I'd like to point out that this topic is NOT a wesnoth
specific one.  I have tried to bring up the point several times in the
past (even years ago), it was always sorta ignored, even though people
said that "yeah, surely the flattened images/music scores aren't source
nor preferred source for modifications" - but then nothing more
happened, because noone seems to want to cut out the whole archive.

* Evgeny Kapun <abacabadabacaba@gmail.com> [2012-04-15 22:08:27 CEST]:
> I've found that music tracks for The Battle for Wesnoth (package
> wesnoth-music in Debian) are only provided as compressed Ogg Vorbis
> files, without any information used to generate them. I have two
> questions:

 Again, this is nothing wesnoth specific, this is the same with mostly
all music files out there, and neither is limited to music files but
also to images.

> * Does wesnoth-music comply with DFSG? I've heard that at certain
> point DFSG only applied to programs, but later firmware, documentation
> and other materials were also included. Does DFSG (and, specifically,
> its requirement of having source code included) apply to music?

 wesnoth-music complies with DFSG as much as any other flattened image
or music file in the archive complies with it.

> * Does distributing wesnoth-music without source code comply with its
> license (GPL 2+)?

 This might be seen a bit more problematic (but still not wesnoth
specific), though you write:

> There was some discussion about this problem on wesnoth forums [1][2].
> It mentions that at least some of music files in question were
> generated using proprietary software, and that even the authors can't
> regenerate some of them anymore.

 If the authors can't regenerate some of them anymore they must see the
ogg files as the preferred source for modification themself.  And this
is usually what also gets applied to graphic files:  The
rendered/flattened image is argued to be the preferred source for

 If that wouldn't be the case, our debian logo would be a violation of
the DFSG too because the font used for the lettering is a non-free one,
and the swirl was produced with a brush from photoshop.

 So if you want to pursue this be aware that it either has to be
followed up properly and not having wesnoth singled out because that
would look quite ignoring of the real issue.

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