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Re: Using freetranslation.mobi to translate

[Charles Plessy]
> Dear Petter,
> are you sure if http://freetranslation.mobi/ actually respects Google's terms
> of use?

Eh, no.  Holger is the one claiming http://freetranslation.mobi/ is
using Google Translate, not me.  I do not know how
http://freetranslation.mobi/ is implemented.  I just assume it is
following the law, and if it is not it is a problem only for the
creators of http://freetranslation.mobi/, not for us.

> Being closed source, it is not possible for instance to see if it
> accesses the translations through Google's API or if it acts more
> like a rogue proxy.  If you want to use freetranslation.mobi
> regularly, I would recommend to ask Google for a clarification.

Why ask?  I fail to see why I should assume
http://freetranslation.mobi/ are breaking the copyright law or any
agreement they have with any subcontractors / suppliers of services.
I assume they are a legal service until proven otherwise, and even if
they are breaking the law or any agreements with suppliers, I fail to
see how that would be a problem for us.

Second, why should one ask Google, when I do not really know if
http://freetranslation.mobi/ uses Google Translate?  We could just as
well ask Microsoft or any other translation service.  And given that
we do not know the terms of a possible agreement between
http://freetranslation.mobi/ and a possible supplier, why should we
assume such agreement is violated?

Third, what should we ask them?  "Are you breaking the copyright law
by using GPL-ed text in violation of the license"?  It seem like a
strange thing to ask anyone without any proof of any wrongdoing.

> In any case, that you respect freetranslation.mobi's terms of use
> does not make you free from Google's terms.

I fail to see this.

If this was a problem for us, then Google would be the one breaking
the law and violating the copyright.  I give
http://freetranslation.mobi/ a GPLed text, and by law and license get
a GPLed text back.  You seem to claim that
http://freetranslation.mobi/ is also giving it out under an non-GPL
license to others, and if that is the case, it would only be a problem
for http://freetranslation.mobi/, not for us.

> For the resulting translations, however, I think that I agree that
> there is no copyright claimed on them, and that they can be freely
> added to the original project.

I am pleased to see that we seem to agree on the conclusion.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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