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3 questions around source of GPL images

Greetings everyone,

[Please CC me as I'm not subscribed to the list.]

one of the software I maintain contains several sets of images to change the 
theme/appearance of the software. Most images don't really have a source (they 
were done directly as png as far as I understand). However, a few themes comes 
from icon packs under GPL license whose icons have a SVG source.

The situation is complicated because there is more image in the theme than in 
the original pack. The author took the *png* image from the pack and created 
some new image out of it (by removing the color or applying a color filter for 
example). What happened is that he downloaded the pack without the SVG source 

From there, I have a few questions:

* Should I include the SVG source in the package for the images he didn't 

* What about the image he modified?

=> My opinion is that since he based is work on the png, only the png need to 
be provided but I prefer to be safe than sorry, hence this question.

* Some of the files with a SVG source come from KDE icon theme already packaged 
in the archive. Can I just add a comment in debian/copyright to say the SVG 
are in package X or do I have to copy the SVG in my own package?

=> Since Debian distribute the source for both package X (the KDE icon theme) 
and my package, I'd say the image are correctly acompanied with the source 
(both are in Debian archive) as per GPL-2 3.a) or GPL-3 6.d ("If the place to 
copy the object code is a network server, the Corresponding Source may be on a 
different server").

Thanks for taking the time to read thus far. I'm waiting your answer to 
enlighten me as to what I should do to respect all the license and DFSG 

Best regards,

Thomas Preud'homme

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