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Re: "Forget Me Not" - Commensurate Attribution

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012, at 12:08 AM, Francesco Poli wrote:
> https://github.com/tip-o-the-hat/fmn/blob/master/GPL-FMN-TERM
> describes itself as "an additional permissive term", but seems to
> actually be an additional requirement.

Quite right.  I was reading section 7 incorrectly and had 
mentally omitted the word "other".  So, you're correct, this 
is a non-permissive additional term as defined by the GPLv3.
I've fixed this, thank you so much!

> I am not sure I understand which is the category of allowed
> non-permissive additional terms this one is intended to belong 
> to.  Section 7 of the GNU (Affero)GPL v3 lists 6 categories (a
> through f) of non-permissive additional terms that may supplement 
> of the terms written in the text of the license.

I was intending for it to be subject to 7b, in particular,

  Requiring ... author attributions ... in the Appropriate 
  Legal Notices displayed by works containing it

To help move things along, I've written a "Language Discussion"
section in the readme describing my logic. I'm hopeful to have 
commentary and any corrections you might see. 




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