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"Forget Me Not" - Commensurate Attribution

I have approval to release HTSQL (http://htsql) under the AGPLv3
license so long as it contains an attribution requirement as
permitted by section 7 of the GPL.  We also plan to release some
other components of our RexDB work under a more liberal
permissive license with a similar attribution requirement.

The particular "Additional Term" I'm proposing can be found here:

Rather than do this in a manner that hurts license proliferation,
I'm attempting to make generally reusable AGPLv3 clause and such
license derived from the MIT so that others that wish attribution
could use these terms instead of minting their own.  To this end,
I've setup a GitHub project, for this "Forget Me Not" effort:


As part of this broader effort, I hope to also have a simple
compliance tool that would generate a static web page that 
could be used for "credits & licensing".

I'd love your commentary and assistance making this broadly
useful and I particularly value feedback by Debian community.



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