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Re: "Forget Me Not" - Commensurate Attribution

I apologize, the repository is https://github.com/tip-o-the-hat/fmn

On Sun, Jan 22, 2012, at 04:31 PM, Clark C. Evans wrote:
> I have approval to release HTSQL (http://htsql) under the AGPLv3
> license so long as it contains an attribution requirement as
> permitted by section 7 of the GPL.  We also plan to release some
> other components of our RexDB work under a more liberal
> permissive license with a similar attribution requirement.
> The particular "Additional Term" I'm proposing can be found here:
> https://github.com/tip-o-the-hat/fmn/blob/master/GPL-FMN-TERM
> Rather than do this in a manner that hurts license proliferation,
> I'm attempting to make generally reusable AGPLv3 clause and such
> license derived from the MIT so that others that wish attribution
> could use these terms instead of minting their own.  To this end,
> I've setup a GitHub project, for this "Forget Me Not" effort:
>     https://github.com/tip-o-the-hat/fmn#readme
> As part of this broader effort, I hope to also have a simple
> compliance tool that would generate a static web page that 
> could be used for "credits & licensing".
> I'd love your commentary and assistance making this broadly
> useful and I particularly value feedback by Debian community.
> Best,
> Clark

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