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Re: GPLv3/Apache argument brought up some concerns over the current state of the GPL

On Mon, Jan 9, 2012, at 07:41 PM, Felyza Wishbringer wrote:
> My biggest concern is that since it allows for small modifications,
> what would protect us, as the original authors, from someone taking
> our source, modifying a single line, then re-releasing under a
> modified GPLv3 that says that inclusion must state in documentation
> they had a part in the work.

I presume you're referring to provision 7b which requires the
*preservation* of specified legal notices or author attributions?

I suppose someone could take a GPLv3 licensed copy of your work, 
modify the source code so that it displays an attribution to 
themselves in the Legal Notices and then release their changes 
under the GPLv3 together with a clause under 7b so works derived
from theirs couldn't remove the attribution.  They could even 
attempt sell their copy for a few hundred thousand dollars!

However, this change wouldn't affect your version, nor anyone who 
is using your distribution.  My guess is that there one-line 
change would have to be pretty significant for someone to want to 
use their version over yours.  In particular, nothing they would 
do might force you to add an attribution in your documentation.

I can't imagine anyone every doing something like this. 




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