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Re: a Free Platform License?

On Wed, 14 Dec 2011 03:53:31 +0200 Alexey Eromenko wrote:

> Clark:
> You should speak to FSF, and possibly to Richard Stallman himself
> about this idea.

Clark, please, no!

RMS has already played the "let's restrict it a bit more!" game long
enough (GFDL, verbatim-copying, AfferoGPL, endorsing Creative Commons
licenses, ...).

> Anyway: originally Free Software was very permissive (MIT-style), non-copyleft.
> Then came in the GPL.

A good license (especially v2).

> Now came the AGPL to enforce Free Software for
> Web / Cloud.

A bad license, IMHO, where non-free or dubious restrictions are
included with the purpose of defending Free Software.
A self-defeating strategy...

> Will "Free Platform License" be the next step ? It *is* clearly a
> stronger copyleft than both GPL and AGPL.

I hope a "Free Platform License" won't be the next step, since I think
it would be a non-free license with practical issues, contributing to
license proliferation.

> BETA-testing of software:
> Today, much of cross-platform Open Source Software is tested by
> Windows crowd. VirtualBox, LibreOffice, and more are examples of
> this...
> Linux-only versions (KVM and KOffice) enjoy from less testers.

This is true, at least in part, and is another reason why we should
*not* discriminate against some platforms, even if they are proprietary

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