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Re: a Free Platform License?

You should speak to FSF, and possibly to Richard Stallman himself
about this idea.

How to enforce such a license against porting software to Wine ?
I do not know...

Anyway: originally Free Software was very permissive (MIT-style), non-copyleft.
Then came in the GPL. Now came the AGPL to enforce Free Software for
Web / Cloud.

Will "Free Platform License" be the next step ? It *is* clearly a
stronger copyleft than both GPL and AGPL.
And yes, I agree it will open a new window of dual-license companies.

It *is* possible to make it GPL-compatible, if Stallman releases GPLv4
with such forward-compatibility, like he did with GPLv3<->AGPLv3
license bridge. GPLv4 (or v3.1?) can be a small revision against GPLv3
only adding ability to migrate to this new license.
If you can convince Stallman, GPL-compatibility can be done.

About Debian's DFSG:
I'm not sure if such a license will violate DFSG5:
"No discrimination against persons or groups.", but it might. and DFSG9 also.

BETA-testing of software:
Today, much of cross-platform Open Source Software is tested by
Windows crowd. VirtualBox, LibreOffice, and more are examples of
Linux-only versions (KVM and KOffice) enjoy from less testers.

Speak to Free Software Foundation or to Software Freedom Law Center.
-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov"

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