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Re: recommendation for packaging license

Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> writes:

> For the packaging work, I usually consider it trivial and do not claim
> a copyright on it.

Copyright, in most jurisdictions, obtains on works whether or not the
copyright holder claims it.

It would be prudent to assume that *any* work you express and record in
some persistent medium has thereby become a copyrighted work, with the
default all-rights-reserved terms for anyone else.

> Packages without debian/* files paragraph in debian/copyright are
> regularly accepted by the FTP team.

I would guess they are operating on the assumption that, without a
stanza for ‘Files: debian/*’ specifically, the ‘Files: *’ license
statement applies. That seems weak (it relies on an implicit grant of
license that may never have been considered), so I'd recommend making it
explicit with an actual grant of license for those files.

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