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Re: How to use (free!) sources of other projects without copyright/license information in file?

* Hendrik Weimer <hendrik@enyo.de> [110514 08:41]:
> > Both of the packages claim to be GPL'ed as per COPYING, and I wonder whether
> > this is acceptable for Debian. Probably it is, as ax25-apps is in
> > main.
> While the GPL strongly recommends putting copyright notices in each
> source file, it does not require to do so. In the case of ax25-apps, the
> upstream tarball claims that the work is being licensed under
> GPL-2. Unless one has evidence that this claim might not be true, I see
> no reason to think otherwise.


(Might be the same in proper English, but for non-native speakers like
me evidence is stuff good enough for court, which is far to strong

And having stuff marked as being from other sources is a very clear
indication there might be at least some copyright line missing and
very likely also a license.

	Bernhard R. Link

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