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How to use (free!) sources of other projects without copyright/license information in file?

Dear debian-legal,

While reviewing the ax_emergency_listen package [1] I found that several source
files lack both copyright and license information. The reason for this lack,
however, is that they were taken verbatim from ax25-apps *where there is no such
information in source files*, as upstream explained to me (Guido, CC'ed) in

Both of the packages claim to be GPL'ed as per COPYING, and I wonder whether
this is acceptable for Debian. Probably it is, as ax25-apps is in main.

But how would one, in this case, trace back the origin of those files?

Thanks a lot in advance,

PS.: Please keep Guido and me CC'ed, neither of us is subscribed.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2011/05/msg00020.html

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