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Chicken Dance License


I am the author of a new Free Software license called the Chicken Dance License. It is a BSD-based license that offers extra hilarity over most, if not all, other Free Software licenses. This new legal infrastructure that I seek to create will result in less hair-pulling and teeth gnashing, and more out-loud proclamations of "LOLOL". 

Please read the v0.1 license text at http://supertunaman.com/cdl/cdl_v0-1.txt and the drafting of v0.2 (where we are currently addressing concerns raised by the OSI review list) at https://github.com/supertunaman/cdl/ and let me know Debian's opinion on the license.

I hope this list will provide valuable insight to help our cause. Right now we need as much scrutiny as possible so that we know where to go with the legalese. This way, we can produce an license that meets the Open Source Definition, the Free Software Definition, and Debian's own Free Software Guidelines.


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