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Re: Re: game: redeclipse

On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 11:07 AM, Arand Nash <ienorand@gmail.com> wrote:

> There are indeed several non-free items, ranging from CC-*-NC to All
> Rights Reserved (a particular wincompat.h item, which is unnecessary,
> but removing would mean modifying...)


> The "all content...open source friendly" mention is clearly non-true, so
> I am simply ignoring that.

You might want to ask them to remove that.

> The way I am interpreting the license:
> If you want to redistribute the data which would otherwise be
> undistributable, you would need to do so under the "gratis-ware" clause
> and include everything unchanged.
> As of now I guess the data would need to be given special permission in
> order to be redistributed in a packaged version (which I presume is hard
> to do without changing it, regardless of what the license says about
> "recompress...deb"). This I have already been told is OK, by upstream.
> Basically that I as their "For the sake of argument" "release manager"
> Would be allowed to release my packaging (i.e. modified version) under
> the same terms as that of the upstream version.
> I guess that this might at least fulfill requirements for non-free?

Yeah, as long as Debian and our mirrors are able to distribute it that
sounds fine.



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